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Sushibar+Wine combines artisan sushi, Scandinavian design & organic wines into an enjoyable experience! 

We were born in Helsinki in 2009 and after building a steady foundation, in 2020 we grew Nordic! Our twin city strategy became a reality, when we opened our first location in Oslo, Norway in March 2020 adding to our  five existing restaurants in Helsinki, Finland. Our second restaurant in Oslo opened in August 2020. Moving closer to our most important ingredient, sustainably grown Norwegian salmon, was also something we were extremely eager to do! 

To maximize taste and minimize waste, we make all orders by hand and à la minute out of fresh and sustainable ingredients. We believe people, planet and profit all fit in the same sentence. We are proud of our cooperation with WWF and design companies Artek and Marimekko.

Each of our Sushibar+Wine restaurants in Helsinki and Oslo represent their distinctive neighborhoods. Our staff, sushi crew, is the heart of our concept. Connect with us and we'll get back to you when we have more open spots!

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In Sushibar+Wine you'll find a professional, daring, curious, passionate group of friends making the best out of everything together!

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Our Values



We believe, we can have a positive impact in our friend’s lives by making their life more enjoyable. We see our work as a calling and this calling requires passion from all of us.

We put our hearts out in everything we do, we won’t settle for mediocrity and we run the extra mile when needed.

Working with passion is never an excuse for bad behavior.


We love to challenge the ordinary and hate to settle with the obvious.

Our world is filled with opportunities and possibilities, obstacles nor restrictions shouldn’t ever be first things in our minds.

To us curiosity means openness towards “new” and ”change”. We should find ourselves constantly asking: What if? Why not? Could this work?


We know our thing. But as professionals we also know that we can, and we must be even better tomorrow: as an individual, as a team, as concepts. 

We seize all learning opportunities actively and with enthusiasm. We all have been rookies at some point of our life and we’ve needed others to grow. For us it’s an honor to coach a friend to the next level. 


We dare to challenge the ordinary by trying new and unknown. Some of our experiments are successes and others become failures. If we never fail, we haven’t been daring enough.

We are open and frank in all interactions. No explanations needed.

Caring about a co-worker, a customer or a company is a daring act. We dare to care, a bit more than usual.


At the end of the day, we are a group of friends. As friends we cheer, encourage and defend each other. We even say the ugly truth when needed.

In our group there are all kinds of people. We embrace our differences and encourage each other to show their personalities.

Above everything, we are loyal to each other, our team and committed to what we want to achieve together.


Kaivokatu 8
00100 Helsinki Directions [email protected] +358106668464 View page

Sushibar+Wine Freda

Fredrikinkatu 42
00100 Helsinki Directions [email protected] View page

Sushibar+Wine Iso Omena

Piispansilta 11
02230 Espoo Directions [email protected] +358106668455

Sushibar+Wine Kallio

Hämeentie 19
00500 Helsinki Directions View page

Sushibar+Wine Korjaamo

Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo
00250 Helsinki Directions View page

Sushibar+Wine Posthallen

Prinsens gate 8
0152 Oslo Directions View page

Sushibar+Wine Uudenmaankatu

Sushibar + Wine
00120 Helsinki Directions View page

Sushibar+Wine Valkyrie

Bogstadveien 58
0366 Oslo Directions View page

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